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Polyclonal Antibody to Nitric Oxide Synthase 2, Inducible (NOS2)

Polyclonal Antibody to Nitric Oxide Synthase 2, Inducible (NOS2)

Organism species
Western blotting: 0.2-2µg/mL;1:250-2500
Immunohistochemistry: 5-20µg/mL;1:25-100
Immunocytochemistry: 5-20µg/mL;1:25-100
Optimal working dilutions must be determined by end user.

Product No.


Organism Species

Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog).


Polyclonal antibody preparation





Ig Type



Antigen-specific affinity chromatography followed by Protein A affinity chromatography





Buffer Formulation

PBS, pH7.4, containing 0.02% NaN3, 50% glycerol.





Organism Species More




If the antibody is used in flow cytometry, please check FCM antibodies.


20µl 100µl 200µl 1ml 10ml


The antibody is a rabbit polyclonal antibody raised against NOS2. It has been selected for its ability to recognize NOS2 in immunohistochemical staining and western blotting.


Western blotting: 0.2-2µg/mL;1:250-2500
Immunohistochemistry: 5-20µg/mL;1:25-100
Immunocytochemistry: 5-20µg/mL;1:25-100
Optimal working dilutions must be determined by end user.


Store at 4°C for frequent use. Stored at -20°C in a manual defrost freezer for two year without detectable loss of activity. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.


The thermal stability is described by the loss rate. The loss rate was determined by accelerated thermal degradation test, that is, incubate the protein at 37°C for 48h, and no obvious degradation and precipitation were observed. The loss rate is less than 5% within the expiration date under appropriate storage condition.

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RPA837Ca01 Recombinant Nitric Oxide Synthase 2, Inducible (NOS2) Positive Control; Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
PAA837Ca01 Polyclonal Antibody to Nitric Oxide Synthase 2, Inducible (NOS2) WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
MAA837Ca21 Monoclonal Antibody to Nitric Oxide Synthase 2, Inducible (NOS2) WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
LMA837Ca Magnetic Luminex Assay Kit for Nitric Oxide Synthase 2, Inducible (NOS2) ,etc. Magnetic Luminex Assay for Antigen Detection.

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